Website Optimization

What Is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is all about page speed! How can you speed up your website in different ways? Read about the three most common problems you might encounter down below.
The most common issues I see when people experience slow websites are bad caching practices. The easiest thing you can do to improve your page speed is to get a caching plugin that clears your server cache once in a while. Most caching plugins will also preload pages so that your visitors get served faster once they go to a specific page on your website.
The second most common issue I see is a bad web host. If you have a bad web host, it does not matter how much you optimize your website. It will still be slow.
The third most common issue I see is bad code. This is often due to theme builders like Elementor and inexperienced people building websites without thinking about load speeds.

Why Is Speed So Important?

Organic traffic through SEO is what every website is striving to achieve and one critical element to rank on search engines is page speed. Having a slow website will directly impact your growth on search engines in a negative way.
Even if you have great content on your website that should rank well, people with lower-quality content and a faster website will most likely outrank you.
Another problem is that the user experience will suffer. In 2022 people are impatient and do not have time to wait 3 seconds for a website to load. They will move to the next best link and enter that site instead.

How Can I Help You With Website Optimization?

When you contact me and need help with a slow website, I always start with a website audit where I go through your whole website. This will show me exactly why your website is slow.
When the website audit is finished, I will tell you straight up what problems your website might have. If you need help solving these problems, There are three ways of going about it, and I always recommend the fastest and cheapest way.

Solution 1: If the problem is caching, I will install a good premium plugin and activate it under my license. You will be able to use it for free under my agency license.

Solution 2: If the problem is bad code and easily recoded, I will clean up the existing code. (cache plugin included.)

Solution 3: If the problem is bad code and is NOT easily recoded. A redesign is most likely necessary. If this is something you want to do, I can help you. I offer a redesign service where I redo your whole website with the same content and URL structure to avoid losing any SEO. But with new, clean code.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this or any of my other services. Want price information? Find it here.
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