Web design and development

What Is Web Design And Development?

Web design and development are two terms that describe the process of creating websites. It requires two main skill sets, web design, and web programming. Web design is responsible for the appearance of the website and the programming part handles all the functions on the website.
The titles are often interchangeable because there isn’t always a clear line between the roles. The roles change as the web evolves.

What Can I Do For You?

I'm your guy if you need help with web design and development. I can build business websites like this, blogs, and e-commerce websites. I do not build forums yet; I need to develop my skills in this area more before I'm comfortable accepting these types of client requests.

When I do client websites, I work with you hands-on; I will be the guy you have contact with throughout the website build, and you will be able to monitor the build process via a secret URL to give feedback and see everything develop. I can give you a set price for small to medium-sized websites (up to 12 pages) without any problems. For large websites, I will give you a price range.

I offer a cheap maintenance solution for non-techy and techy people who do not want to handle website maintenance. The affordable base plan I offer is usually enough for small to mid-size websites. Find more information about website maintenance and how I can help you with it here.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this or any of my other services. Want price information? Find it here. If you want a quote, please do use my quote form. Describe your idea and your needs in detail to get an accurate quote. Links to websites you like are very helpful.

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