What is SEO? Search engine optimization refers to the process of optimizing your website to increase your organic search engine visibility for key phrases that are relevant to your content or business. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a paid strategy that helps you rank higher for certain key phrases, is not to be confused with SEO.

Is Improving SEO Necessary?

It is unlikely that a customer will search for your business name if you are not a household name. So let's do an experiment.

Google "Mobile Phones Sweden" if you're a Mobile Phone provider. You might also try a variety of phrases such as 'Buy Mobile Sweden, 'iPhone Sweden, or mobile phone deals Sweden'.

What did you score? How did you rank on Google's first page? Are you on the first page... the second page?

As you probably understand right now, it is very important to land as high as possible on queries related to your business to gain new customers or website visitors.

How Does The Google Algorithm Work?

Search engines analyze different elements on your website to determine its content. Your Google ranking is determined by many factors (which we will discuss below). Google's ranking is important for a reason. It helps ensure that Google delivers the most relevant website to the user's search term. It wants to ensure that users get the best content for their search.

Google won't give out the algorithm used to rank websites, but after a lot of experimenting, you will figure out over time what does and does not work. It's about convincing Google that your website can be trusted and is relevant.

How Do I Get My Website To Rank?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a method of assisting Google's spiders and bots to quickly scan your website for key phrases related to your business offering. Do your market research and choose the keywords or phrases you want to focus on.

Here is the core information you need to get started on your journey to great SEO.

1. Create Relevant Content To Build SEO!

When creating content for your website, it is important to think like the user. The Google Algorithm was created to ensure that users get the most relevant search results for their interests. You can do this by using the keyphrase that you want to rank in Google and answering the questions your audience requires answering.

2. Title Tags And Meta Descriptions.

Meta descriptions and title tags are two of the most visible and important pieces of SEO work that you can do. These are the keywords people see when searching for the key phrase you have chosen. Both meta descriptions and title tags must be relevant to your page. You should ensure that your meta descriptions and title tags are optimized for SEO.

Internal links are hyperlinks that direct visitors to other pages of your website. External links are hyperlinks that direct users to pages on another website. Both are essential for SEO and can be implemented quickly.

Internal links can help you keep visitors engaged on your website longer and increase your authority, resulting in higher search engine rankings. You should make your clickable text as descriptive and clear as possible to optimize your internal links. This will make it easy for search engine bots to understand what page you are talking about.

External links, just like internal links, can increase your website's authority and offer a better user experience. Your website's credibility will be improved by linking to trusted pages with a lot of traffic. However, links to untrustworthy pages will reduce your search engine rankings and decrease website traffic.

4. Alt Texts Are Necessary For SEO!

Alt-text is a description that you assign to images on your website. Alt text was created to describe the appearance or function of images to those who cannot see them. This applies to browsers that block images and users with sight impairment. The search engine crawlers will understand your page's purpose and increase your ranking for relevant keywords by adding appropriate Alt text.

How do you optimize your alt text?

5. Optimize Existing Content.

You don't have to start completely from scratch. You can update or repurpose existing content to improve your SEO. Your site's rankings will rise if you make your content more current and relevant. This can be done without creating a new copy, imagery, or a new concept.

You will have more content to share on your social media channels, which will drive more traffic to the site and earn trust from search engine crawlers and bots. I know from experience that the more trustworthiness of your site to search engines will result in a higher rank and more traffic.

How Can I Help You?

I offer a website optimization service where I analyze your website and make appropriate changes to improve SEO and page speed! (Page speed is a key ranking factor)

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